Saturday, June 14, 2008

Heaven, Headaches and the Heterodox Heart

And then there was the party in the cordoned-off area - a much better gathering than anyone could imagine.

But how we men are prone to fall! Such brilliance! Such faith! And such ridiculous creatures, especially after a few drinks.

Chesterton says the frog's prayer is, "Lord, how you made me jump!"

And I add that a man's prayer is, "Lord, how I make myself fall." Which is a prayer of repentance. Lord, we try to serve You with all the gifts You have given us, but a few drinks and a cool Minnesota night and joy stumbles into an early morning hangover. I am the poet, you know, we all are - finding ourselves drunk in a ditch and unworthy of the princess who shows us mercy.

"I am in heaven, and I have a slight headache." - The Surprise Act II.

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